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Your order Lease ready to open Webemus GroupJoom

Website created with our product Webemus GroupJoom delivered configured and adapted to your own business ready to open and begin to functioning.

Fix initial payment for the configuration and adaptation of the web site by Webemus and a fix monthly payment to use the product and receive Technical Support Service.


  • Temporary license for 1 website(domain), technical support and right to the product updates released during the rental.
  • The rent of the web starts counting from the first day of the installation of the Webemus GroupJoom product  at the customer's hosting account. The web will have a temporary license of 31 days, it must renewed before expiration.
  • Installation of the product in the hosting account of the customer associated with the domain of the website. See requirements
  • Configuration and basic personalization of the Web. See tasks of configuration
  • All the features and general functions of the Webemus GroupJoom product available. See features
  • Adaptation of the customer payment platform / gateway of payment; if is available in the product. See existing platforms
  • Possibility of adapting other payment platforms / gateways of payment not existing in the product; not included in the price, with additional cost.
  • Standard design: basic personalization of the standard web design: colors, wallpapers, fonts and images supplied by the customer. It does not include changes in the framework of the web.
  • Free technical support to customer product questions and errors or problems with the website that may happens during the rental period.
  • Right to product updates or new versions of the product Webemus GroupJoom with improvements and new features that we are continuing developing.
  • Template of the web adapted to mobile platforms for best viewing and usage through such devices.
  • Possibility of hiring mobile applications for iPhone and Android platforms customized and adapted to the website. Not included in the price. With additional cost. See more information
  • Possibility of hiring Webemus Technical Support Service by hours to make requests for work as modifications and future enlargements of the features of the website. See options of hiring

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