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 Deal Management

Deal management: Create, edit and erase a deal. Some of the deal's fields are: Name, Subtitle, short description, long description, original price, price, Start date, end date, merchant, salesman, categories, locations, include, terms and conditions, photos, video, allowed payments and others. 

Multicategory DealsDeals may belong to one or multiple categories.
Multilocation Deals: Deals may belong to one or multiple locations. Only deals from the location chosen by the user are shown automatically.
Slide show images for deals: Deals may have multiple photos that are shown on an animated slider.
Add video to Deals: A YouTube video can be added to the deal.

Different types of deals:

  • "Normal" service Deals (entertainment, restaurants, courses, aesthetics, etc ...) 
  • Products Deals with shipping (electronics, books, dvds, clothing, etc...)
  • Deals with different options.
  • Reservation Deals.
  • Deals that refer or links to other products and deals in other external webs.
  • Multiproduct Deals : Includes multiple products or products variations for a deal, features, etc.
  • Free coupons discounts to be totally pay on site, at the commerce, store, restaurant, etc.
  • Advertisement Ad type deals, which don't have buying or printing button, they are just for promotion.

Sold Deals Control: restrict the total number of sold coupons for deal and for each customer. 

Deals Listing:

  • Current, past and future deals can be listed. Display all the deals automatically filtered according to the date and location
  • Different template for the deals list, one, two or three deals by column and their combinations.
  • Countdown clock with the duration of the deal.
  • Deals can be shared from the Deals list via email and social media.
  • Deals can be filter by category.
  • Deals search by keywords.

Companies / Merchants and Sales representative Management

Companies /Merchants/sales representative management: : Business, merchant and sales representative creation are necessary for the deals. Some of the data fields are: Name, short description, long description, email, phone, web, banner, categories, locations, address, google map, photos, facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and other fields.

Companies Categories Management: Classification of companies by categories and subcategories.

Sales Rep Login: The Sales Rep dashboard allows to create deals for those companies/advertisers that he has assigned. A sales representative may have multiple assigned companies. Deals created by a sales rep have to be validated by an administrator.

Merchant LoginMerchant can register in the site to start offering deals, from merchant dashboard they can:

  • Create deals (An administrator have to approve them).
  • Check their deals' sale statistics.
  • Check each deal's sold coupons.
  • Change coupons status to "used" when the customer comes.

Sales Rep Merchant LoginUsing a Sales Rep. Profile they can access the dashboard from where they can:

  • Create deals (An administrator have to approve them).
  • Check their deals' sale statistics.
  • Check each deal's sold coupons.

Business directory (list and detail):

  • Create a company directory with a filter by categories.
  • From this Business directory a company can be selected to see the company details.
  • Company detail page: Company specific information like: address, photos, google map, deals list, video, description, etc.

Company's subsidiaries Management:

  • Create branches of a company, with their address and opening hours.
  • Subsidiaries can manage their own deals.

Customer users Management and Subscribers Management

Customer users Management: Register form for customers with Name, Last name, email with confirmation, password with confirmation, gender, date of birth, phone and newsletter subscription. List of orders and coupons per user.

Subscription Management: Visitors subscribe and unsubscribe from newsletter. Manage users that subscribe to newsletter. Create and manage different mailing lists, to send deals and information newsletters. Create and change newsletter templates. Filter users to send emails and personalized newsletters.

Customer Login: the visitors can register/create an account on the site and enter to a private area where they can:

  • Check and edit their personal data.
  • Manage their shipping addresses.
  • Subscribe or cancel subscription to the different newsletters.
  • Keep track of their purchases and print their coupons.
  • Check network of people that have been referred by them (Multilevel refer system)
  • Check balance of "points" they have obtained for their activity on the network: purchases, refers, etc.
  • Check the status of their payments for de refer system. (If enabled the module exchange points for cash)

Coupons Management

Customer users Management:: Listado de cupones vendidos filtrado por oferta y por el estado del cupón: vendido y usado. Se puede exportar el listado en formato CSV compatible con excel. Se puede pre-visualizar el cupón.Coupons listsold filtered by deal and by status coupon field values (sold and used). Export the list in CSV format compatible with excel. Coupon preview.

Coupon fields: (View an example)

  • General: Logo de la web, instrucciones de uso, texto legal, nombre de la persona que usará el cupón.Web site logo, instructions, legal text, name of the person that will use the coupon.
  • Deal´s Information: Deal reference number, photo, name, description and particular conditions.
  • Coupon`s Information: Barcode, coupon localizer, security code, QR code, date of validity.
  • Merchant´s Information (Who offers the Deal's service or product): Address, Phone, Google Map.

How it works?:

  • A link with the access to the coupon will be send to the user by email
  • Customer that receive the email use the link to go to the Deal's website to print the coupon, 
  • Customer at the deal's location use the coupon to get the service or product.
  • Coupon state will be edited by the merchant as "used" using the web site, searching the coupon using localizer and security code printed in the coupon.
  • Alternatively:
  • The customer doesn't print the coupon and shows it at the shop or deal´s location from his mobile.
  • Merchant or shop scans the QR code to mark it as used.

Methods of Payment Management

Several Methods of Payment and Options:

  • Payment using a payment gateway(see next point).
  • Bank transfer payment.
  • Cash on delivery payments.
  • Payment of a partial amount on the web site and the rest of the total amount at the shop.
  • Free coupons, to be payed at the shop.
  • Two types of free coupons:
    • Free Coupons without user authentication.
    • Free Coupons that requires a user login or register to get it.
  • Ads Coupons, without payment, they are just ads of discounts found at shops.
  • Partial or complete payment using the user's point balance (if points system is enabled 

Multiple Payment Gateway Support:

  • Paypal
  • WebPay (Chile)
  • Alignet (Costa Rica, Ecuador)
  • Stripe
  • Khipu (Chile y Bolivia).
  • PayU Latam (Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina)
  • Credomatic (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)
  • Spanish payment gateways: RedSys, CECA, 4B PASAT, Banesto, 3D Secure (With these gateways practically all Spanish banks are covered)
  • Development of additional payment system if required.

Newsletters and Mailing lists Management

  • Initial (popup) to ask new users to subscribe to the list/location of their preference. 
  • Mailing list Management, subscribers export and import.
  • Automatic creation of the deals newsletter.
  • Acymailing Integration (Joomla! component) to manage scheduled newsletters sending.
  • Opened, rejected, rebound mails and opened links statistics.
  • Anti-spam test to know what the newsletter’s anti- spam score is.
  • Mails can be sent from the web or through external service connected by SMTP such as mandrill, mail relay, etc.
  • Double opt-in for subscribers validation is available.

Advert System/ Refer A Friend

  • Customers can earns Credit points for actions such as: inviting a friend, registering, shopping, sharing a deal on social networks, etc. 
  • Points can be used in various ways: on the next purchases, to participate in contests and obtain prizes, to earn money, etc.
  • It allows you to create a multilevel marketing system to have a shopping network. (See more information)

Other Features

Made in Joomla!®, the most popular content manager platform.

  • Very easy to manage.
  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Mobile App`s available
    • iPhone App
    • Android App
External Integration:
  • Allows to share the deals through the main social networks..
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google +
    • email
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Analytics Integration
  • Meets European cookies law
  • News Blog (optional)

Included Forms

  • Customer registration.
  • Edit Customer Data.
  • Share deals with friends.
  • Invite friends to visit and register to the web.
  • Contact form.
  • Companies Contact form.
  • Suggesting a deal to the web administrator.